Examples of insurance accident

Examples of insurance accident

In case of accident insurance the insurers agree to pay the defined sum to suffered person for arm or leg loss.
The insurer’s right on producing the claims to guilty side can appear, for example, when the policy holder had damages, on which there are some bligations os insurer to compensate this loss according to insurance policy terms, but in the same time policy holder has the right to demand the compensation from the other person, as for civil liability in car insurance.

The owner of such auto insurance policy can demand the damage compensation from his insurers in endamagement to other person based on the policy terms. If insurers pay this damage, than they will get the right to get the sums, which can be receved by policy owner from guilty side according to the common law.

Therefore in example auto insurance policy holders have the right to demand from the insurer to make action to the guilty side. Meanwhile, if the compensation will be received, it is subjected to paymanet for insurers. Maybe such event can occur, that policy holder has the right to claim to guilty side under some contract terms.

For examples in insurance accident, of the goods party, transported with motor transport in defined direction, policy holder has contract with goods carrier, according to which the carrier must take care of its safety. If there was theft after goods were left without proper care during the night, than policy holder can demand compensation of goods cost from insurers. They’ll pay. Then they can demand to claim to the carrier for breach of contract and sums,got from the carrier, are repayble to insurers.

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Sample Car Accident Demand Letter

Here’s an example of a personal injury demand made by a fictional car accident victim. You can easily adapt the basic letter format to create your own effective demand letter.

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