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Geneva Airport Car Rental Guide

car rental airport geneva

The best place to pick up and drop off your rental car at Geneva Airport is the Swiss sector of the airport. All car rental companies in the Swiss sector will provide you with snow tyres as standard. If you are travelling by road, you should consider taking the airport shuttle bus. The shuttle bus departs every 10 minutes. It will take you to the terminal and back. Alternatively, you can call the toll-free number to book your rental.

The Geneva Airport has several car rental companies that offer first-class service. The rental desks are located at the west end of the terminal building. You’ll fill out all paperwork and get a key to your vehicle. You’ll then have to pick up and drop off your car at the P51 multi-storey car park, located around 400 meters from the terminal. A shuttle bus will take you to the rental cars every ten minutes.

The airport has two car rental facilities. One is on the Swiss side, while the other is on the French side. The counters are close to Air France KLM and La Poste. If you’re planning a vacation in the region, you can visit these counters after customs. The price for a car rental in Geneva will depend on the company and the duration of your stay. If you are traveling by air, make sure to check the availability of the vehicle on Skyscanner before you leave. It may be more expensive at the airport, but it’s worth it if you have the flexibility to choose your own rental car.

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When renting a car in Geneva, you should make sure that you have an international driving license. The rental companies in Geneva are regulated by Swiss law, so they have a strict policy on this. If you’re traveling by road, you may need a vignette to drive in Switzerland. Depending on the time of year, snow-tyres are required in France. If you’re traveling with children, you should take a child along as well.

Aside from the international sector, Geneva Airport also has Swiss car hire facilities. If you are travelling in the French territory, you will need to cross the border to reach the rental desks. The car rental desks are located on the terminal’s arrivals level. You can pick up and drop off your car on the ground floor of the P51 multi-storey car park. If you don’t want to walk, a shuttle bus will be there every ten minutes.

The international sector of the Geneva Airport is the most convenient for car rental. The airport’s parking lot P21 offers ample space for parked cars. Moreover, car hire desks at Geneva Airport are located in the same buildings as the Air France and KLM desks. You can choose a car rental that best suits your budget and your travel plans. You can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. If you have a limited budget, consider hiring a second hand vehicle from the same company.

The Geneva Airport is home to several car rental facilities. These are located on both sides of the border. The French sector is located next to Air France, and you can rent a car there. There are also counters on the Swiss side that are near the La Poste. These counters are near the Air France KLM desk. If you are a tourist, you can choose a car rental at Geneva Airport. There are many cheap car rental companies at the Geneva Airport. You can use Skyscanner to find the best deals and compare them.

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There are various car hire companies at the Geneva Airport. All of these companies offer first-class services and will help you rent a vehicle with ease. For your convenience, you can find the nearest rental car desks near the terminal. After getting your car at the airport, you can enjoy the city of Geneva by taking a scenic drive. You may even want to stop at the local supermarkets for a cup of coffee.

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